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What we do

BioUs emerged with the need to develop sustainable products: bioinoculants and biopolymers, 100% biodegradable, non-toxic and biocompatible. Our group has optimized an intensive aquaculture production system: BRÁSYS - Biofloc, RAS and Aquaponic System, which allows biopolymers to be obtained from waste from intensive aquaculture. In total, 06 scientific articles were published, 01 in partnership with Georgia Southern University (GSU), which will allow validating the extraction process and qualification of the degree of crystallinity, purity and density of the PHA biopolymer with low production costs.


Scaling biotechnology sustainably

The bioreactors that we use in aquaculture crops already carry out the assimilation of organic matter satisfactorily. Our study on the physicochemical characterization of the biopolymer - PHA - present in cytoplasmic vesicles of some bacteria/yeasts, will allow the producer to sustainably produce the PHA biopolymer. With this, we will reduce the cost of synthesizing this polymer for subsequent extraction and purification on an industrial scale.

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