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Who we are

We seek the best of biology for our life

We are a biotech dedicated to the development of sustainable solutions and products for health, the field and industry. Our core science is based on the use of bacteria and yeasts applied in the production of biopolymers and probiotics inoculated in the field and in agriculture. Allied to intensive production, BioUs is inoculated into an ESG, B2F and B2B ecosystem.

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Meet our team


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Eduardo Rocha
Founder I COO
Spec. in Biotechnology

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Biotechnologist and Civil Engineer. 23 years of experience in laboratory analysis of molecular biology, as technical manager. Has experience as a laboratory operations analyst as a biomedical applied to molecular detection tests and basic and applied research in human genetics


Raimundo Lima
Founder I CEO
Master in Biology

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Biotechnologist, 20 years of experience in higher education in Biology (Genetics, Biochemistry, Immunology and Pharmacology). He has experience in the management of public and private resources applied in STEM. He has experience in School Management of Science and Technology, Technical Director of a Blood Center, University Professor with an international exchange at the invitation of Haplomics, USA (2016)

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Fausto Dias
Head of the Afarming
Master in Environment

and Society

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Biologist with 10 years of experience in Technical Consulting in Agricultural Crops and Agriculture


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Iracema Friedrich
Head orf the Biotech
Specialist in Genetics

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Biologist with 15 years of experience in Technical and Environmental Consultancy, Biotechnology and Genetics

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Fernando Silva
Head of the Microbiology
Biotechnology Specialist

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Biologist with 10 years of experience in Environmental Consulting and Microbiological Cultures




The First Study of Bioflocs arose from the need to seek a tool for aquaculture production in super intensive systems, using bioreactors and suspended tanks lined with geomembrane.



With 24 producers, the Cooperativa de Pesca e Aquicultura de Goiás (COOPAQ) of aquaculture producers is formed in Nova Veneza, Goiás.

Image by Yusuf Evli
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