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Prospecting for

Bacteria and Yeasts

Biopolymer Production - PHA

Consulting BRÁSYS - Biofloc, RAS and Aquaponic System

Prospecting for Bacteria
and Yeast

  • Our core science it is based on the use of good bacteria as our allies in the field, health and biopolymer industry.

  • With the advent of the economic subsidy won recently, we seek to prospect some strains of bacteria/yeasts that are candidates for inoculants for nitrogen fixation and for the synthesis and purification of biopolymers such as PHA.

Production of biopolymer - PHA

  • In partnership with Georgia Southern University (GSU) we are validating a biopolymer - Polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA), part of the group of polymeric nanoparticles (NPP) for the delivery of bioactive compounds.

  • Our NPPs, biodegradable ​​ and biocompatible, will serve as encapsulation, viadrug delivery, in aiding the diagnosis and treatment of diseases such as cancer.

Consulting BRÁSYS - Biofloc, RAS and Aquaponic System

  • In a simple way, we align aquaculture production waste (BRÁSYS) as raw material for the synthesis of an applied biopolymer with ESG certification.


  • Our system allows obtaining PHA from aquaculture waste, reducing by 95% the area and 98% the use of water.


  • The bioreactors that we use in aquaculture cultures already carry out satisfactorily the assimilation of organic matter and the enrichment of PHA.

Image by CDC
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